GCM Inc. is a sister company to our general contracting division, GCS Inc. which provides over 50 years combined experience in the construction industry and offers a unique insight and perspective to the Construction Management aspect of your project. Our remarkably seasoned staff is dedicated to the success of your project working with your architect, engineers, consultants, and general contractor to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget with on point results.

• Site investigation prior to lease – coordination with owner, leasing agent, tenant coordinator, and landlord to provide the best solutions for the client and observe any site conditions that may later affect the design, budget, and/or schedule.

• At the approval of owner hire local MEP subs and have them provide a complete due diligence report of the space prior to the finalization of the lease agreement.
• Review Lease Agreement and Landlord work letter to coordinate the design and Landlord improvement allowance along with required timelines to ensure all are met on time.
• Develop and provide owner work letter to landlord of all items requested to be either provided by the landlord or supplemented with a construction allowance from the landlord.
• Review agreements which Owner may desire to enter in with respect to the Project.
• Consult with Owner on the preparation of budgets, reports, scheduling, evaluations, cost estimates, bid packages in connection with the selection of vendors, Owner provided subs, Owner provided materials, and issuance of permits, Owner’s Subcontractor’s and KEC contracts.

• Coordinate with owner, architect, designers, and engineers during pre-design development.
• If required, attend meetings with Owner’s Architect, Engineers and Design team.
• Provide requested feedback in relation to project costs associated with build, design, and associated time schedule for the project.

• Advise Owner on obtaining necessary permits, complying with applicable laws.

• Review all consultants’ contracts and scope to ensure they are covered.
• Review and compare Vendor’s bid documents.
• Review and compare Owner Subcontractor’s bid documents.

• Organize preconstruction meeting with General Contractor, Landlord or Landlord Representative, Architect and • •  • Consultants, Kitchen Equipment Contractor, Associated Vendors and Owner.
• Verify all long lead items are ordered in a timely manner.

• Approve vendor and owner sub invoices, review and explain progress billings, review CO’s with ownership for quick approval or deny or comment with corrections. Issue payments for Contractors if required, Owner subcontractors if required, material, and other ordinary expenses related to the Project.
• Coordinate and review/approve all Owner Sub/Vendor Submittals, RFI’s after reviewed and answered by architect of record, change orders and payment applications. All final approvals regarding change orders are to be approved in writing.
• Review General Contractor’s progress schedule weekly and provide feedback in relation to overall schedule and completion date along with working closely with owner’s team to track the project budget.
• Attend weekly meetings with Contractor, Owner and Architect on site or conference call and act as owner’s mediator to all project items.

• Coordinate Owner provided equipment installation and FFE.
• Establish punch list and coordinate startup and completion.
• Have GC prepare contact list of all key players involved with the project
• Ensure Owner is trained on equipment. i.e. dimmer system, operable moving items, kitchen equipment, etc.
• Make sure punch list is complete in a timely manner.
• Approve General Contractor’s final billing with ownership.           
• Receive and review General Contractor’s close-out documents for accuracy
• O&M Manuals
• As-Builts
• Lien Releases and Warranties

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